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About TRWC

The City of Mesa, the City of Apache Junction, the Towns of Gilbert and Queen Creek, the Superstition Fire and Medical District (formerly Apache Junction Fire District), and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation have established the Topaz Regional Wireless Cooperative (TRWC). The function of the TRWC, through the implementation of the TRWC Governance Process, is to jointly operate a regional radio system that is modern in its management, has equity in membership, and provides for support and future growth.

The governance process creates radio coverage Areas and associated Area Managers that administer the area operations, infrastructure, and assets through a structure that fosters collaborative planning amongst members. The governance also emphasizes flexibility, outlines support for public safety communications, and considers future budgetary requirements. Initial and subsequent qualified members join the TRWC via Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). The IGA establishes an initial 5-year agreement with automatic renewal of additional 5-year terms, and outlines the financial obligation of participation in the TRWC.

The Governance Model establishes an Administrative Manager (Mesa) and the Board of Directors; the Administrative Manager appoints an Executive Director with Board of Directors’ approval. Membership into the TRWC can occur at four levels: Full Member, Associate Member, Interoperability Participant and Conditional Participant. All matters are decided by a numerical vote of the Board of Directors, with weighted voting allowed as requested by a member.

Participation in the TRWC requires a financial commitment from each participating entity. Operational, maintenance, and capital costs are designed to be completely self funding with each subscriber paying into the TRWC. Other funding is/can be obtained through special assessment fees and grants. The Administrative Manager administers the financial portion of the model, and costs are spread equitably over the TRWC Areas and their respective system subscribers. Optional services (from Mesa) may include dispatch services and maintenance services depending upon need.

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